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"D. and I agree that your tour was the highlight of our visit!"

 Mary L. B. Clifford, Va.

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   Marney Gibbs

Marney Gibbs PhotoHello, I'm Marney Gibbs. What I really want to say to you is "Welcome to Staunton!"

This is my home town.  I was born in Staunton to a family with deep roots in the area.  One great-grandfather founded Staunton Military Academy. Another great-grandfather founded the local independent telephone company. My grandmother helped to establish the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation, now the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library at the Birthplace. After college (away) I came back in 1971 to discover a town on the verge of renaissance.

Guide, Ginny FranciscoI have raised my children here, watching the town come alive again with an understanding of what there is here to preserve, appreciate and share. I have recently co-authored a book with Joe Nutt, artist and writer, about our local historic houses, Historic Houses of Staunton, Virginia.

As Staunton Guided Tours has grown, I have invited friends and neighbors who know and love Staunton to join my group. They are all experienced guides and know our history. We all
LOVE sharing our home town with visitors. Come enjoy it with us!
From Left:  Doug Roller, Tidge Roller, Phil Moran, Janie Ballurio,
Karen Hudson, Marney Gibbs and Karen Lynn Johnston

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