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"Terry is loaded with information on Black David Hunter's raid, the French baguette of Massanutten Mountain, and a flurry of opinions to enliven his narrative: how Jackson was a brilliant crank, how Turner Ashby was an overrated hellcat, how Virginia was the cockpit of invasion ...... Highly recommended."

Fairfax, Virginia


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Local African-American History

Cabell Log CabinEnjoy an automobile tour and hear about the African - American history of Staunton.

See Montgomery Hall Park, one of only two historic African American parks in Virginia,

Travel to Fairview Cemetery where some of Staunton's most prominent African American citizens are buried and hear their stories.  See the extensive African-American business district, and the historic post-Civil War African-American churches.

Hear about Queen Miller and Willis Carter, Lawyer Morris and Dr. Waller and many of the city's important and colorful African-American leaders.

Rita Wilson, tour guide, is a native of Staunton and Augusta County, a prominent member of the African-American community and served on the Staunton City Council for 16 years.

 2 hours    $30 per person, $60 minimum

By appointment – 540-885-2430

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