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"Our group thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Staunton. The information, the history, the charming town was very well organized."

Tom M.
Tour Director





"This hour and a half automobile trip around our city was enlightening and entertaining. Whether you live here or are a visitor, you will find this overview of our community well worth your time."

Patricia Menk, Ph. D
Professor of History Emeritus
Mary Baldwin College
Former Mayor of Staunton


Sights to see, stories to hear
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R. R. Smith Center for History and Art

  • R.R. Smith Center for History and Art *
    (Including Staunton Augusta Art Center)
    Restored railroad hotel, containing art and history exhibits.
  • American Shakespeare Center’s Blackfriars Playhouse **
    The only re-creation of Shakespeare's indoor playhouse in the world. Backstage tour and ongoing performances.

  • Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Birthplace **
    Museum describing the life and important works of our 28th President and guided tour of the birthplace
  • Stonewall Jackson Hotel and Conference Center *
    Beautifully renovated downtown hotel, walking distance from many attractions, an attraction in itself
  • Victorian Architecture - T. J. Collins and Sons
    IStaunton Public Library with book sculpturencluding Stonewall Jackson Building*, City Hall*, Clock Tower*, Marquis Building*, Switzer Building ("Wedding Cake Building"), Opera House/City Courthouse*, Augusta County Courthouse*
  • National Valley Bank*
    Bank & Bank Robbery Museum. Hear how Staunton recovered from the Civil War (Open only on weekdays)
  • Sunspots *
    Glass blowing studio & showroom, offering live demonstrations**
  • Mary Baldwin College
    Liberal arts college for women, including buildings of the former Staunton Military Academy, SMA-VWIL Museum*
  • Trinity ChurchTrinity Episcopal Church
    Tiffany windows, Revolutionary War Virginia Assembly fled here
  • Stuart Hall School *
    Private school, K-12, once headed by Flora Stuart, widow of J.E.B.Stuart, Civil War officer.
  • The Oaks
    Home of Jedediah Hotchkiss, Stonewall Jackson’s mapmaker and boyhood home of Francis Collins, Director of NIH and former director of the Human Genome Project
  • Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind
    Founded 1839, beautiful architechture, Civil War Hospital
  • Oakdene
    Home of Edward Echols, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia
  • Cabell log cabin
    Only remaining building in city with exposed logs.Cabell Log Cabin
  • Public art *
    From the "super-sized" to the sublime.
  • White Star Mills *
    Flour mill until recent times, now a restaurant
  • Wharf area
    Restored train station* and hotel* and restaurants*
  • Stuart House
    Beautiful private home built in 1791
  • Dixie Theater *
    Historic Downtown movie theater, now a 4 plex, soon to be a performing arts center
  • Temple House of Israel
    Home of our Jewish synagogueTribute to Staunton's own The Statler Brothers
  • Thornrose Cemetery *
    Beautiful historic cemetery with section for Confederate dead
  • Statler Brothers
    Venue, tribute, former complex and gift shop*
  • Gypsy Hill Park * and Pump House
    Beautiful municipal park with many attractions
  • Stonewall Brigade Band
    Oldest municipally funded band in the country
  • African-American Churches
    Two designed by T.J.Collins
  • St. Francis Catholic Church
    Beautiful greenstone church designed by member T.J.Collins
  • Antique dealers *St Francis Church
    Find your own "find"
  • Civil War in Staunton
    Sights to see, stories to hear
  • Jumbo Fire Engine *
    Staunton's first motorized fire engine from 1911, restored, the only one like it remaining.
  • Frontier Culture Museum **
    Not on the downtown tour
    Four 17th-19th century farms from Europe and America, working blacksmith forge.
       *  Interior usually open for visitors
      ** Site tour available

      Much of this information comes from the
         Historic Staunton Foundation.


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